Why is the MERN Stack Platform Preferred for Startup Applications?

Why is the MERN Stack Platform Preferred for Startup Applications?


MERN Stack is a set of robust and powerful technologies used to create scalable master web applications, which includes database components, front-end, and back-end. It is a technology that is a full-stack JavaScript framework for developing dynamic websites and applications. This is what makes it the most popular platform for startups. It includes incredible technologies such as MongoDB, Express, React JS, and Node.js. In this section, we will discuss Why is the MERN Stack Platform preferred for startup applications. To learn more about MERN Stack, join the MERN Stack Course In Chennai at FITA Academy, which offers the best certification training with placement support for your career enhancement. 

MERN Stack Component:

Let’s look at the MERN stack components that make web development much easier.


MongoDB is a multiplatform document database that stores data in flexible documents and has a query language based on JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).


Express JS is a lightweight and modular framework that helps develop robust and scalable web applications. It is designed to help developers create fast and secure applications.

React JS: 

React JS is a JavaScript library used to create user interfaces for single-page applications. It allows for code reusability across multiple platforms. It is both quick and scalable.


Node JS is a cross-platform, open-source JS runtime environment. It is designed to execute JavaScript code on the server side.

Advantages of MERN stack:

Here are some of the important advantages of using the MERN stack:

  • It helps facilitate the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, which speeds up web development.
  • The MERN framework enables open-source support, is easily accessible, and reduces development costs.
  • The framework includes a comprehensive suite of pre-built testing tools.
  • The four technologies result in effective integration with cloud platforms.

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Why do startups prefer the MERN stack for application development?

1. Full Stack

MERN provides a full-stack development environment, allowing for end-to-end development. Startups no longer need to worry about other technologies or tools because everything is included in the stack.

2. MVC Architecture Support

MERN supports the Model View Controller architecture, making it simple for developers to create the workflow.

3. Low learning curve

MERN is simple to learn and apply. If the developer is already familiar with JavaScript, the learning curve is shortened. The availability of appropriate tutorials, documentation, and community support also helps new learners develop expertise.

4. Open Source

All four components are open source. A Startup does not have to worry about licensing issues with MERN.

5. Testing tools

MERN includes its suite of testing tools. As a result, new developers can easily test the software using the framework’s testing tools.


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