Every person must learn Spoken English

Every person must learn Spoken English

Is English is Global language?

People are used to saying that English is an official language.  World wide English is spoken as a first language. More than 350 million people speak this language as a first language. Thus, 430 million people speak this language as a second language from their school. Why is English so famous and how is it spoken by many people in the world?Some people think that English is only for speaking and improving communication knowledge.

However, It’s not like that, it is also an international business language worldwide. If you want to study Masters or MBA courses at any university you must have an English knowledge. So if you speak English very well you can get an authorised credential and all.  Many MNC companies are asking for good English speaking skills for their potential employees. So if you want to go to the Spoken English Classes In Chennai location no worries FITA Academy provides the best coaching for those who are willing to learn English.

How English evaluate in the world:

You can’t ignore English if your aim is Science and mathematics. Because many of the technical terms are coded by English words only. If you want to learn more about recent development and new creations you must read the English journal and reports and so on. It doesn’t matter who made this and where he is from, and doesn’t matter what background they have . English also improves your academic system. English gives the best opportunity to study with good scholars. Students and professors are all around the world; their regular working language is English only. Western Countries’ education systems are captivating for visiting scholars. We also provide the Online Speaking English Course at an affordable price.

Journalists and writers all over the world find that being able to speak and write English well is becoming more and more useful. Even if you write your articles and do interviews in your own language, you can get background information from international wire services and newspapers and magazines from around the world if you speak English well. You can talk to businesspeople and diplomats from other countries, and you might even be sent to cover stories in other countries. If you know English well, you don’t need translators and can work faster and more accurately with English sources of information.


If you want to travel, you have to know English. English is the international language of aviation, so both pilots and flight attendants must be able to speak it. Even if you’re not in the air, if you speak English well, you’ll be able to talk to customers and suppliers from all over the world.

So, what’s keeping you from learning this language spoken all over the world? There’s never been a better time to start learning English than now, with all the English resources on the internet and so many English speakers around the world to practise with. Pick up a book, learn a few words, or even start a class today to get started on your way to becoming one of the nearly 800 million people in the world who speak English. We have a branch for Spoken English Class In Coimbatore where you can do your coaching with an experienced tutor.

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