Why DevOps Is Important?

Why DevOps Is Important?

Although DevOps is now the industry standard for modern IT, different people have varied definitions of the term. Collaboration between the development and operations teams, or “DevOps,” enables the continuous delivery of services and applications to our customers. Let’s go over the fundamentals of DevOps to comprehend why it exists and why DevOps engineers use it now. If you want to know Why DevOps is Important? Join Devops Training In Chennai at FITA Academy which will deal with Real Time Projects to develop your technical skills.

Why DevOps?

Understand why DevOps is before going into what it is and all the innovations it has brought with it. Agile and waterfall development models were available before DevOps.

Waterfall Model

The first model used in software development was the waterfall model. It is a continual process that is also quite simple to comprehend. The output of one step serves as the input for the following phase in this method of software development.

Agile Model

Each project is divided into several iterations when using the agile method of software development. A software product is thus delivered at the end of each iteration. There are one to three weeks between iterations.

  • Requirements
  • Design
  • Development
  • Release

DevOps Lifecycle

Now that you are aware of what DevOps is and why it exists, let’s study more about the DevOps Lifecycle, which is separated into six phases and will help you understand why DevOps exists:

  • Source Code Management – The project goals are discussed and a plan is made during this phase by the company owners and the software development team. The application is then created and coded by programmers, who store the code using methods like git.
  • Continuous Build and Test – This stage deals with creating tools like Maven and Gradle before integrating code from several repositories to produce an entire application. Enroll in Devops Training Online for advanced DevOps training. Professionals at FITA Academy support students to become an expert in this domain with placement assistance.
  • Continuous Deployment – The programme in question is compiled here after it has been released and then deployed from the development server to the production server. After the product has been installed, operations teams handle duties including server configuration and resource provisioning.
  • Software Released – The software is released onto the market once all of the processes have been finished and it satisfies user requirements.

Tools in DevOps 

Features of Git

  • The location in which you are now working on your Git project and where the files are kept is known as the working directory.
  • Before committing, files are moved from the current directory to the staging area. Commit the files to your local repository after making any modifications.

Features of Maven 

  • A POM (Project Object Model) file contains the implementation of Maven commands. A POM is an XML file that contains information about the project and the configuration needed to construct it.
  • The POM file searches the local Maven repository for dependencies and downloads them.
  • The Maven environment is used for plugin development.


Selenium is an open source automation tool used mostly for regression and functional testing of web applications. Regression testing is the procedure used to make sure that legacy code functions with fresh updates.

C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, and PHP client libraries are used to create Selenium WebDriver code. Learn Devops Training In Coimbatore with the help of experts in DevOps and with career guidance.