What Is Python And Why It Is Used?

What Is Python And Why It Is Used?

What is Python?

A high-level, interactive, interpreted, and the object-oriented scripting language is Python. Python is intended to be highly readable. It generally uses English terms rather than punctuation and has fewer syntactical expressions than other languages. To learn more about this simple programming language, join Python Training in Chennai at FITA Academy

Python’s support for modules and packages supports the modularity of applications and the reuse of code. The extensive standard library and the Python interpreter are freely transferable and free in source or binary form for all popular platforms.

What is the use of learning Python?

Python is a simple programming language to learn. There are several uses in learning the python programming language. Some common uses of python language are data analysis, web development, automation, software testing and day-to-day tasks.

1)Data Analysis:

Python is used in data analysis as a significant application in visualizing data statistics. It is applied in several complex algorithm building such as statistical calculations, machine learning algorithms,  data analysis and completion of data-related tasks.

2)Web Development:

Python is commonly used in web development and applied in web applications’ back end. It is an area that users cannot see but is used in the front end of applications. It is mainly used for sending data to and from servers, storing data and processing it for future purposes. Join Learn Python Online, to learn more about the web development application by python.


Python is used for some of the commonly used automation tasks. It is possible to do a simple daily job without many human interactions. Thus Python is designed to do such tasks by humans repeatedly, with simple coding to replace the tasks.

4)Software Testing:

Python is also popularly used for software testing purposes. It is impossible to create software without testing several stages of the software development life cycle. Thus it is done with the ease of the python programming language without much difficulty. It is easy to find the developed software’s bugs and errors.

5) Day-to-day tasks:

Python is used in day-to-day tasks too. The data scientist does not only use it, and developers are not the only people using Python. Python can be used for daily tasks such as tracking the stock market price, renaming many files, updating your grocery shopping list and automatically filling out online forms. 


In this article, you will gain some information regarding what is python and why it is used. Python is one of the popular languages to learn because of the easy syntax, and the learning process involved is also a bit easy compared to other programming languages. Thus it is essential to know the uses of the python programming language, which is vital to learn more about it by joining the course Python Course in Bangalore.


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