What Are The Difference Between Selenium WebDriver And RC?

What Are The Difference Between Selenium WebDriver And RC?

The open-source Selenium Webdriver suite of APIs is used for web application testing. The Selenium Webdriver utility automatically tests web applications to see if they function as expected. Selenium Webdriver supports the programming languages like Java, NET, PHP, Python, Perl, and Ruby. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all frequently support it. Cross-browser testing is additionally made available. This Blog will explore What Selenium is and the Difference Between Selenium WebDriver and Selenium RC. Join the Selenium Training in Chennai offered by FITA Academy to understand more about Selenium.

WebDriver vs Selenium RC: Differences


The Selenium RC architecture is more complex than the WebDriver architecture because the Operating System’s mechanism controls the browser. Only the browser and programming language IDE are required for WebDriver to function. Compared to WebDriver, Selenium RC has a more challenging architecture.

Performing The Test Case Speed

Due to its direct browser interaction, WebDriver script execution is substantially faster than Selenium RC. Because it operates on the same principles as a JavaScript program, RC script execution takes longer than Selenium WebDriver. The browser is directly controlled by the Selenium Core.


Comparatively speaking, Selenium WebDriver is entirely object-oriented, but RC is only a little object-oriented. Selenium Online Training will provide in-depth information about selenium differences.


Different browsers, including Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, and others, can use the RC and WebDriver. WebDriver supports the headless browser but is not by RC; this is the only distinction.


Selenium RC needs one to use the entire XPath to find the element; however, WebDriver does not require this.

App Testing

The WebDriver, on the other hand, allows for testing any type of Android or iPhone application, which is impossible with RC.

Implementation Of Listeners

Compared to WebDriver, the RC does not allow for the use or performance of listener capabilities.


Although the WebDriver’s syntax is similar to RC’s, it is much simpler and easier to understand.

Selenium testing is a tool for testing several components in Online applications. I hope you have learned about Selenium and the Difference Between Selenium WebDriver and Selenium RC. Join the course Selenium Training in Bangalore to learn more about Selenium and its web driver and achieve your dream job as an online developer in MNC.

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