This Is How Stainless Steel Tri Ply Pans Can Be Cleaned Effectively!

This Is How Stainless Steel Tri Ply Pans Can Be Cleaned Effectively!

Stainless steel pans are one of the products that every household has. From serving hot and sweet pancakes to a steamy bowl of flavored rice, it helps in fulfilling everyone’s requirements. But, when it comes to cleaning, it is a nightmare for many homemakers. The stubborn oil from fried meat or the vegetable curry sticking to the bottom of the pan is hard to clean. Placing a stainless steel Tri Ply pan in a dishwasher does not help the situation but only affects the coating of the product. Hence, some methods are discussed below for effectively cleaning the pans.

Use of vinegar and essential oil:

Stains sometimes are formed by overheating the cookware. It can be removed by using vinegar and essential oil because of its acidic nature. While using the vinegar directly, it may harm the property of stainless steel. Before using, dilute the vinegar with water which helps in removing the unsightly spots instantly. Fill the Tri Ply stainless steel Kadai with equal parts of water and vinegar. Now keep the cookware on the stove and allow it to boil for some time. Add some dish soap and essential oils to remove the grease faster. Allow the solution to boil and rinse with cold running water.

Use of baking soda:

Baking soda is the best cleaning agent to clean any stain. It has a gentle abrasive cleaner which makes the cleaning faster. Sprinkle some amount of baking soda on the stained parts and scrub gently with a nylon cloth. Rinse the pan with hot water and repeat if necessary.

Using lemon juice:

Due to its acidic nature, it helps to break down the stains caused by food more simply. Squeeze out the juice of two lemons on the pan and add some water. Then, place the solution on the stove and bring it to a boil. Allow the solution to cool completely and rinse with cold running water.

Using salt and lime:

The lime and salt are the perfect teams to remove any spot on the pan. Place the pan on the stove and add the juice of a half lemon to it. Allow the solution to boil and add a good amount of salt over it. Remove from the stove and let the pan soak in the mixture for some time. After reaching room temperature, rinse them thoroughly with cold water and scrub them if necessary.

Therefore, to clean any Tri Ply saucepan, consider the tips said in this post to remove gunk and grime from stainless steel cookware.

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