How To Check Robot Framework Version?

How To Check Robot Framework Version?

Robot Framework is a Python-based, extensible automation framework that uses keywords to do acceptance testing, acceptance test driven development, behavior driven development, and robotic process automation. It can be applied in distributed, heterogeneous contexts where automation necessitates the employment of several technologies and interfaces. For individuals who want to become expert in Robot Framework, comprehensive training is provided, such as Robot Framework Test Automation Training in Chennai

What is Robot framework?

Robot Framework is a general-purpose test automation framework for acceptance test-driven development and acceptance testing. It is a testing framework that is keyword-driven and makes use of tabular test data syntax.

Why Robot Framework?

  • It makes it possible to create test cases consistently and easily using tabular syntax.
  • Gives users the option to combine current keywords to generate reusable higher-level keywords.
  • Delivers logs and result reports in a readable HTML format.
  • Independent of both platforms and applications.
  • Offers XML-based output files and a command line interface for integrating with the build infrastructure already in place (continuous integration systems).
  • Supports launching processes, establishing connections via Telnet or SSH to remote systems, testing web apps, rest APIs, mobile applications, and more.
  • Allows the creation of test cases based on data.
  • Has built-in support for variables, which is helpful for testing in many settings.

High-level Architecture

The test data is presented in a straightforward, editable, tabular format. Robot Framework evaluates the data, runs test cases, and produces reports and logs when it is started. Libraries handle the interaction between the target under test and the main framework, which is unaware of it. If you want to learn more about Robot Framework, join Robot Framework Online Training offered by FITA Academy to improve your knowledge and ability.


Numerous example projects serve to both introduce and facilitate the use of Robot Framework.

Quick Start Guide: Serves as an executable demo and presents the key features of Robot Framework.

Robot Framework Demos: Primary test cases as examples. Additionally, it creates custom test libraries, as demonstrated.

Web Testing Demo: Demonstrates the creation of higher-level keywords and tests. Using SeleniumLibrary, a basic web page is the system being tested.

Creating Test Data

Test Data Syntax

The general test data syntax for Robot Framework is covered in this section. We’ll go over how to develop test cases, test suites, and other related things in the following parts. The same guidelines apply when constructing tasks, even though this section employs phrase tests.

Creating Tasks

The general grammar of test cases is described in this section. The next section covers grouping test cases into test suites using suite files and suite folders. Developing tasks rather than tests is advised when utilizing Robot Framework for non-test automation applications. For the most part, the task syntax is the same as the test syntax; the distinctions are elucidated in the section on creating tasks.

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