How is organic milk more nutritious than regular milk?

Milk is an essential and nutritional product for everyone. It is a complete food for children because of its nutritional value. Recently there is a high demand for organic milk in Chennai than conventional milk due to the best quality of fresh cow milk. Organic milk does not contain any harmful toxins or undergo any adulteration. The milking process starts from the native breed of cow and is refrigerated for 4 to 5 hours.  Hence, the purest form of milk reaches the doorstep. Here are the reasons listed below for the increase in demand for organic milk.

Chemical-free milk:

As the name suggests, organic milk is more chemical-free than regular milk. Regular milk undergoes tedious processes like collecting the milk and pasteurizing them. During this process, it kills the beneficial bacteria and promotes pathogens. It is associated with several adverse health effects, whereas organic milk is unprocessed and unadulterated.


Organic milk is packed and sealed in a glass bottle to retain the freshness and purity of the milk. But in regular milk, it is pumped into paper cartons or plastic bottles and sealed. The usage of plastic bottles or cartons is harmful. It releases dangerous chemicals by reacting with polythene bags and causes many health impacts. Nowadays, organic milk home delivery in Chennai is available in some parts of the city.

Nutrient level:

In a study, researchers found that there is a difference in nutrient levels. In organic milk, omega-3 fatty acids are present, which is the prime element to improve heart health. It also contains a lower level of iodine to produce a sufficient amount of thyroid hormone. In regular milk, the nutrition content is comparatively low and doesn’t meet the essential needs.

Longer life:

Organic milk has a longer shelf life than regular milk. Organic milk is unprocessed milk and stays fresh for longer hours than regular milk. Regular milk undergoes pasteurization and homogenization and does not stay longer.

Native cow milk:

Organic milk is from native cows whereas regular milk is from the foreign breed of cows. The cows are allowed to graze freely within the farm vicinity and fed with organic green fodder. Unlike foreign breeds that are grown by commercial dairies, are treated with antibiotics and hormonal injections for the profit of businesses. 

Hence, cow farms in Chennai provide fresh milk with the best quality. So, choosing organic milk other than conventional milk is advisable. 

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